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hope sign

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wrapped Up in Love

Sarah & Kimi...
Best Friends   
Oh how my heart longs for spring and summer.  Spring will welcome my new grandson Luke Aaron, my daughter, Scovia will be blooming with a growing belly.  I long for walking in the sunlight, the warmth on our faces.  Sunglasses, bathing suits, flip flops, sunblock, hats and summer dresses.  That just sounds like heaven to me.

Presley & Cheryl...
my great niece and baby sister
Loving the Floppy Hats

Tonight we had everyone around the table, except Kelcie who is of course at college in Florida.  Henry was eating his potato soup and cheesy biscuits...he loved every minute of that meal.  Pop was showing him how to take his biscuit and dip it in his soup.  It was messy but my heart was full.  My mind started to wander back in time, when we had three littles around the dinner table.  It was always noisy and we had little lessons of how to hold a fork or how to cut your meat.  Of course, there was, put your napkin on your lap and please sit down.  Juliana was forever trying to climb and lean in her chair...2 broken chairs in one week.

Me and my babies...
a little time has passed since this pic was taken

We laughed and told stories of the day.  Tonight we did the same.  I love my family so very much.  I am thankful for days like today.  Henry sneaking in the foyer to get chocolate hearts for his Mama, telling me to, "shhhhhhh."  He climbs up behind her and says quietly in her ear, "I just love you so much Mommy."  This Grammy's heart just melts like hot butter.

Tonight we were wrapped up in our family's love.  What more can a Mommy hope for.

Juliana, Jake and Kelcie

This is how we feel today

Carving pumpkins with Daddy...
I loved this pic of Jake laughing,
too cool for school Juliana and
Kelcie looking all sweet

So in this freezing cold, ice covered world we are living in right now, I have so much to be thankful for.  Yes, I dream and long for Spring and Summer but I wouldn't trade moments like today for anything.
Jake ready for a day out...
Topsail Island   

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