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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Wedding Dress Memories

I have been in search for a beautiful piece of art to go above my sofa in newly redecorated front room. I love the feel of my front room now.  I love the lines of the sofa and chairs, the fabrics, the colors, the old mantle.  The mantle is still sporting it's chipped paint and bare spots showing the old wood.  It has old nail marks (which I imagine are from years of Christmas stockings, from so many families).  It is a lovely mantle.  I go into that room and just fall in love again and again.

One day last week, my daughter in law and I were looking at artwork and saw this beautiful print of a wedding dress.  I just fell in love with the print, I had almost talked myself into buying it, when a voice from behind me said, "Mom, it's too big."  I knew she was right but I wanted that art for my lovely room.  It would have been perfect, if it had been horizontal and not vertical.

Well, ever since then, I have been looking at every website I can find to see what is out there.  One thing I have noticed, I am stinking picky!!!  Another thing is, I wish I had some lovely photos of my wedding dress so I could have someone do an oil painting of it for my front room.  It was a lovely white dress with short sleeves, little beads hanging off.  It had a beautiful train with a bow in  the middle. It wasn't extremely fancy but it was pretty.

This is the only full picture I have of my dress, on me.

My dress went through a lot.  I wore it in 1989 for my wedding.  In 1991, my sister in law wore it to marry my brother and some years later, my cousin wore it.  In 1991, the veil caught on fire at my brothers reception...while it was still on my sister in laws head...that's a whole other story.  I try and feel bad for the veil but in this case, the bride got all my sympathy.  I mean...her hair caught on fire!!!  Poor girl.  We share the same name...so I say, Poor Kimberly.  But it was still beautiful.  In the late 1990's, my cousins space heater backed up and ruined it. (I don't blame her or hold any grudge.  It was out of her control...I love you Jodie.  Just pure love here.)  I haven't seen it since.

I loved my veil and flowers.  I felt beautiful this day.
It was a tad big on me though.

Isn't it strange how you can miss something you will never ever wear again.  I never intended to wear that dress again but I wanted to keep it forever.  I remember the day I walked out into the family room, after picking it up from the Bridal store.  My dad, mom and younger sister were sitting there watching TV.  The Kleenex commercial was on with the Bride and Dad on her wedding day.  I came out of my room and it was a special moment...with a soundtrack and all.

I sang..."My Only Love" by the Statler Brothers.
He still is My Only Love

Yes, it was just a thing but it was what I chose to wear the day I joined my life with Bo's.  It was the day we stood before God and our families and vowed to be together for life.  And what a life!!!  This life has been so very good.  It is only improving with each passing year.

All five are still my closest friends...
Wendy, Sarah, Christian (back), Cheryl & Vikie (laughing)

It was a good dress...loved and missed.

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