hope sign

hope sign

Friday, January 24, 2014

Summer Dreamin...

(left to right)
Scovia, Bo, Kelcie and Sarah
Sitting in the sun, letting the waves cool them down.
I joined them after I took some pics.

As I sit and look at my office window at the snow that has covered our world once again, I dream of the ocean.  Yes, pictures of the ocean is my elixir for cold, snowy, windy days.  

So I will share some with you.  

I hope as you look at them, you can feel the warmth of the summer sun on your face, 

smell the warm ocean breezes, 

hear the waves lapping on the shore, 

resting in the knowledge that this winter is only a season, not a lifetime.  

Bo on Ocracoke Island, NC.  

My Daddy relaxing on the hammock.
Glorious Day!!

We are ready for some building and
Henry is ready for some stomping.
Jellyfish on the shore...super cool looking

My friend, the umbrella...Oh how I miss you.

Someone's shrine that I found.
I thought it was cool
Ocracoke Island, NC


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