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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Nanny

I don't know why, but in the last 2 weeks, I have been thinking a lot about my Nanny.  Nanny has been in heaven for seven years now and I do miss her.  Little things have been reminding me of her.

Bo and I with my grandparents .
Nanny is the one next to Bo (of course...lol)
My Mom Mom is next to me and she is amazing as well.

I found her garden gloves while cleaning out my china cabinet.  She loved to garden so much.  Her gloves still have dirt stains on them and I will never wash them.

Nanny's gloves
In my dining room window, I have two angel figurines.  One was from Nanny and I found her sister at an antique store in North East.  I think they may have another sister but I am not sure.  It is something I look for every time I go into an antique store.  Nanny loved "dust catchers".  She loved pretty, dainty things.

Nanny's angels
For two weeks, almost everyday, I have been wearing a pair of star earrings that Nanny gave me.  She told me that she was wanting to give me something of hers and she found these earrings.  I love them. Wearing them just makes me feel closer to her, somehow.

Nanny's earrings
My Nanny was a fireball.  She loved us very much, especially my husband.  Bo was one of her favorite people.  I loved that he would go visit her even if I was out of town.  He would take the kids over and have pinto beans and corn bread with her.

My Aunts.
Hopie(left), Joan, Alice, Ann and my Mom

She was a beautiful woman and strong.  She raised beautiful and strong daughters...like my Mom. Sometimes, it's good just to sit and remember our loved ones who are with Jesus.

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