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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Is...

Our Family Tree
Christmas is a time for being thankful
Christmas is a time for saying
Praise the Lord.
Christmas is a time for counting blessings
of the year.
The only time when you can feel 
that special 
Christmas Cheer.

When we gather round the Christmas Tree,
Everyone is happy as can be
And we're living in a land that's free
Thank you Jesus.
Every Christmas just remember this,
Don't forget whose day the 
Birthday is.
Try and make the celebration His.
Thank You Lord.
We want to Thank You 
Thank You LORD!!!!!

My blessing
I don't know who wrote this song but I remember singing it in a play when I was a kid.  My kids also were in the same play, many years ago.  I know it's easy to forget the reason why we celebrate Christmas.  I also know that many complain about being too busy, too many demands, too commercialized, too much but I love it all.  I love the gift giving, the shopping, the decorating, the cookie making, the parties, the Worship, the bad TV shows...I LOVE IT!!!  For me, it's not too much. 

I am thankful to have a whole month set aside to just focus on the birth of Christ and celebrate everyday with activities and reminders.  To me, and I might be alone in this, more is more.  Everyone celebrates in their own style and that is fine but more is my style...especially at Christmas.  We have a reason to celebrate.  Let's make it big, bold and fun!! 

Enjoy your day.  Do at least one fun thing.  Celebrate our Saviors birth.  Love someone completely. You will be blessed by being a blessing.  It's all good.

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