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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The King's Table

On Sunday Morning, while getting ready for church, Bo was playing music on his phone.  The song "Carried To The Table" by Leeland came on.  This song has always ministered to me.  I sang it all the way to church.  It was on my mind while we were having Communion.  During the worship service, the song was still on my heart.  I spoke to the congregation about the song and how when we are at the Table of the LORD (Communion), we are able to relate to Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, grandson of Saul.

Carried To The Table
by Leeland

Wounded and forsaken
I was shattered by the fall
Broken and forgotten
Feeling lost and all alone
summoned by the King
Into the Master's courts
Lifted by the Savior
And cradled in His arm

I was carried to the table
Seated where I don't belong
Carried to the table
Swept away by His love
And I don't see my brokenness anymore
When I'm seated at the table of the LORD
I'm carried to the table
The table of the LORD

Fighting thoughts of fear
And wondering why He called my name
Am I good enough to share this cup
This world has left me lame
Even in my weakness
The Savior called my name
In His Holy presence
I'm healed and unashamed

You carried me, my God
You carried me.

So many aspects of this Old Testament story speak of this New Testament grace.  

Old Testament
You have 
the King (David)
the child of the old reign (Mephibosheth)
the King's table

New Testament
You have
the King (Jesus)
the child of the old man (US)
the King's table (Eucharist)

2 Samuel 9 tells the story of how King David asked a servant if there was anyone left of the house of Saul that he might honor.  The servant told him of one son of Jonathan who was crippled in both feet. David had the servant bring Mephibosheth to him and he gave him all the lands of his grandfather. Each day Mephibosheth ate at the King's table.  

Because Mephibosheth was of the old reign, he had no place in the palace, much less at the Kings table but King David's love for the house of Saul didn't die because of Saul's hardened heart and wacky thoughts.  Oh my, how that just reflects the love God has for us.  He has prepared a table for us already. His love for us didn't die because of our sin.  We have sin hardened hearts, thinking we know what is best for our lives, we have it all under control...crazy thoughts.  But God loves us anyway.  

God made a way for that reconnection, a way to re-member us into His family.  The blood of Jesus gave us a seat at the table of the LORD.  He is saying, You are my child.  No longer are we separated by sin.  The blood of Jesus has carried us to the table.  To a place we don't belong.  

One last thought, The servant.  The one that went and got Mephibosheth and brought him to the King. Who is that servant?  Who is suppose to go out and bring in the lame, the broken and ashamed?  Our beautiful Pastor Lorraine told us tonight, that servant is us.  Once we have been given our seat at the table, we are to become that servant.  

So that someone else can sing, "And I don't see my brokenness anymore, when I'm seated at the table of the LORD."  God's amazing grace just keeps surprising me.  I want to come to the table as his child but I don't want to come alone.  My desire is to have a full table of brothers and sisters to talk with and laugh with.  

2 Samuel 9

New Living Translation (NLT)

David’s Kindness to Mephibosheth

One day David asked, “Is anyone in Saul’s family still alive—anyone to whom I can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?” He summoned a man named Ziba, who had been one of Saul’s servants. “Are you Ziba?” the king asked.
“Yes sir, I am,” Ziba replied.
The king then asked him, “Is anyone still alive from Saul’s family? If so, I want to show God’s kindness to them.”
Ziba replied, “Yes, one of Jonathan’s sons is still alive. He is crippled in both feet.”
“Where is he?” the king asked.
“In Lo-debar,” Ziba told him, “at the home of Makir son of Ammiel.”
So David sent for him and brought him from Makir’s home. His name was Mephibosheth[a]; he was Jonathan’s son and Saul’s grandson. When he came to David, he bowed low to the ground in deep respect. David said, “Greetings, Mephibosheth.”
Mephibosheth replied, “I am your servant.”
“Don’t be afraid!” David said. “I intend to show kindness to you because of my promise to your father, Jonathan. I will give you all the property that once belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will eat here with me at the king’s table!”
Mephibosheth bowed respectfully and exclaimed, “Who is your servant, that you should show such kindness to a dead dog like me?”
Then the king summoned Saul’s servant Ziba and said, “I have given your master’s grandson everything that belonged to Saul and his family. 10 You and your sons and servants are to farm the land for him to produce food for your master’s household.[b] But Mephibosheth, your master’s grandson, will eat here at my table.” (Ziba had fifteen sons and twenty servants.)
11 Ziba replied, “Yes, my lord the king; I am your servant, and I will do all that you have commanded.” And from that time on, Mephibosheth ate regularly at David’s table,[c] like one of the king’s own sons.
12 Mephibosheth had a young son named Mica. From then on, all the members of Ziba’s household were Mephibosheth’s servants. 13 And Mephibosheth, who was crippled in both feet, lived in Jerusalem and ate regularly at the king’s table.

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