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Monday, November 11, 2013

My First Hero

My Dad...Ronald Estep, THE MARINE

Today we honor our Veterans, our Hero's who served and who are serving our country now.  My dad served in Vietnam in the 60's.  His stories have riveted Sanctuary's full of people for many years.  He talks about his time in Vietnam when he preaches.  Stories of heroic actions by others and times when he found himself lost in the jungle, running toward the enemy until he heard someone from behind, calling his name, "ESTEP, ESTEP!!"  I have sat crying listening to his stories and at times, grossed out from them.  He is an amazing story teller.  

This man instilled in us a LOVE for our great country.  An honor code that he was taught in the Marines, he still lives out today.  You see, when you have a Marine who is 100% dedicated to the LORD, you have the best out there.

Yes, he made us do jumping jacks and push ups and running in place with our knees practically in our noses.  He liked (likes) short hair for the boys, a good high and tight is his favorite.  He is a true believer in giving 100% at all times.  He not only believes it but lives it.  

This Marine grew up in Vietnam, came home, married my mother, had 4 children, became a preacher, leading many to Christ, traveled to many countries preaching and declaring the Word of the LORD, now has 17 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and 3 on the way.  He is Bishop at Christ the King Church, USA and Bishop for Streams of Living Waters Ministries in Palawan, Philippines. Still giving 100%.  

He told me one time that when you become a Marine, you are always a Marine.

I am so proud of this man, my first hero, my Bishop, my daddy!

Me and Daddy in 2009

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