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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Have Hope to Be Royalty...

I wasn't going to take the time to write today.  But, here I am, sitting at my desk, with words rolling around in my messy haired head.

I am thinking about names.  We have a grandbaby on the way and I love to pick out names.  To me, it is such an important job.  What to name the baby?  I know, it's not my call this time but I like to give suggestions...:)

I think about the way God changed names in both the Old and New Testament.  Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Sarai to Sarah, Simon to Peter, Saul to Paul.  Even the Apostles got in on the action and changed Joseph to Barnabas (Son of encouragement).  The changing of the names wasn't because God didn't like the one given by the parents, it always meant something.

I think when we name our children, we should look at the meanings of the names.  Sometimes, we name our children after someone, so we should look to the character of that person.  I have heard a lot, "I can't name my child that, I knew someone who was named that and they were mean or a bully in high school or they stunk..."  I always liked the meaning of my whole name, Kimberly (Royalty or From the Royal Fortress Meadow) Hope (Hopeful).  I have Hope to be Royalty...Me like!!!

It is the great honor and privilege of parents to name their children.  Putting on them, the one word they will hear every single day of their life...their Name.  Taking the meaning, the length, the flow, all into consideration.  I named all my kids with long names.  I like long names.  Unfortunately, when Juliana Kimberly VanDyke was trying to learn to write her name, she became very angry at me.  "Why didn't you give me a shorter name?  I need two lines just for my first two names."  Yeah, she was not happy.  I told her that I did remove one of the "N"'s from her name so it would be a little shorter...she didn't care.

I think of Naomi in the Old Testament whose name meant Pleasant, agreeable, My sweet.  She became so bitter with God that she changed her name to Mara which means bitter.  Because of the decisions of her husband (disobeyed God), Naomi was away from home, her husband and two sons had died and she was now without hope.  I guess she wasn't feeling very Pleasant or agreeable.  Thankfully by the end, God had restored her and she was back to being Naomi, Pleasant and agreeable.

What are some of your favorite names?  I don't get to name babies anymore but I will share with you my five favorite boy names and five favorite girl names.

1. Asa-Physician
2. Asher-Blessed, Happy
3. George-Farmer
4. Luke-Light (Latin)
5. Malachi-My Messenger

1. Ava-Like a bird
2. Charlotte- Free
3. Opal-Precious Gem
4. Scarlett-Red
5. Sophia-Wisdom

OK, that was fun.  I hope you have a blessed day.  Remember, no matter what your name is, we serve The Name above all Names...Jesus.  Everyday with Him is a blessed day.

I love this pic of Jake at the park.  Cracks me up.

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