hope sign

hope sign

Friday, November 22, 2013

Full Heart

Togetherness...The VanDyke Family
Hello Friday and hello friends.  This weekend is full and I cannot wait to get it started.  Kelcie comes home, I am taking Juliana, Scovia and Henry shopping for Mommy's growing tummy and we have family pictures in the morning with photographer/niece, Lauren Niles.  

I awoke this morning filled with confident expectation.  My heart is full and my home is happy.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with the people you love most in this world.  

They are all so beautiful.  You can see why my heart is full.

Our family pics from last year.  Everyone is being goofy. Love my family

I usually take the pics with my tripod and remote but this year, my amazing niece is taking us to an old, Quaker, Brick Meeting House across the street from where we raised our children.  Hoping for good weather and nice light.  I am so excited.  

So I must get off the computer and get ready for the day.  God Bless You all .

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