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Monday, October 14, 2013

Serving...Purposeful Strength

I don't know how many of you take notes during the preaching at church but I recommend that you do. There are days that I just need to be reminded what God has been speaking through those He has placed in my life to lead me and give instruction on how to grow in the grace of God.

I have notes on my phone, in notebooks, on my iPad, on backs of several church bulletins.  Whenever the minister says something that ignites a spark in me, I write it down.

Tonight, I was looking through some old notes and found one from March 28, 2013.  My father/Bishop preached a sermon called, "Reaching for a Towel, Fighting For a Crown".  He has an amazing ability to title a sermon that sparks your interest.  Truthfully, it is an amazing gift.

I didn't take a whole lot of notes but the ones that I did take reminded me of why I work in the church and that I am a servant, not the Master.

A couple of quotes that I want to share with you, stir me every time I read them.

  1. Pride in ministry robs both the minister and those to whom he or she is tasked with ministering.
  2. Pride could be our greatest affliction.
  3. Willingness to serve is where greatness is truly found.
  4. Servant leadership is never announced; it is demonstrated through quiet concern and hands on service.
  5. Takers are never gracious in receiving and they are not givers.
  6. Greatness sees no shame in serving/ministering, especially to those you love.
  7. Being a servant is not a sign of weakness, it is Purposeful Strength!
Bishop shared a verse with us...it is the last thing written down about this message.

John 13:34 MSG
Let me give you a new command;
Love one another.
In the same way I loved you,
You love one another.
This is how everyone will recognize
That you are my disciples-
When they see the love 
You have for each other.

My mind goes back to the title of this message, "Reaching For A Towel, Fighting For A Crown".  We cannot truly be like Jesus until we love those around us.  We have to be servants, not only with our actions but in our hearts.  

There is such a difference in a servant who wants to help you and one who does it because they are being forced or to save face.  

Just rereading these notes tonight, I have been encouraged and convicted at the same time.  Who am I serving?  What is my purpose in God?  Am I fulfilling that purpose?  

We have all been instructed to love one another as Christ loves us.  If you don't know what your personal purpose is...JUST DO THIS.  You will see lives changed and it will change you.  

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