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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Commandments and What I Didn't Know

This is a going to be a very busy weekend for me.  I have Friday Night Light, a baby sprinkle (little shower) and a birthday party.  Thankfully, each thing is a different day but still, that is a lot to cram into one weekend.

Each month, our church has Friday Night Light.  It is like a one evening VBS for kids ages 3 years through the 5th grade.  Each month we pick a Bible story to focus on.  This month is the 10 Commandments and the golden calf.  Great story, thought I already knew everything about it...WRONG!!!  One of the amazing things about teaching something is that you are always learning. This month I had to write the script for the skit.  I thought that would be easy since I already knew the story.  But just like any good teacher, I wanted to check my facts.  So I opened the Bible to read the story from start to finish.  Man, there is so much in there that I had forgotten.  So it took me almost two days to write a 10 minute script...keeping in mind that a 3 year old cannot understand what 5th graders can and 5th graders don't want to be treated like baby's.

I have to say, I think I did a pretty good job.  I guess we will find out Friday night.

I want to encourage you today, pick up your Bible.  Reread the stories, you will be surprised at how much you missed or have forgotten.  The Old Testament is amazing.  We have the themes for the rest of the year planned out.  I am looking forward to jumping into the stories of my youth...Joseph being sold into slavery; Samuel being called by God as a little boy; David being anointed King; The Birth of Jesus...so many thrilling stories that our children need to know.  This is their heritage. These stories are the birthplace of our faith.

We cannot neglect teaching our children of the Early Church and about when Jesus walked on this earth as a man.  Building up their faith, giving them a firm foundation, knowledge of why we believe what we believe.  It is so very important.

I am thankful that the LORD has given me the opportunity to teach so many children.  I count it a blessing and an honor.  Not to mention, it is fun and we sing and dance and play games and best of all CRAFTS!!!  Instead of Old Maid, we are making our own Golden Calf.  They are making 10 Commandment cards that they have to match up and whoever gets left with the golden calf, loses.  We have stickers and stamps, glue and markers...it's gonna be a fun night.

Mark 10:13-16 MSG

The people brought children to Jesus, 
hoping he might touch them.
The disciples shooed them off.
But Jesus was irate and let them know it:
"Don't push these children away.
Don't ever get between them and me.
These children are at the very center
of life in the kingdom.
Mark this:
Unless you accept God's kingdom 
in the simplicity of a child
you'll never get in."
Then, gathering the children up in his arms,
he laid his hands of blessing on them.

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