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Friday, September 27, 2013

Questions, Questions, Questions...

I sometimes wonder why I started writing a blog.  Who wants to know what is on the mind of a 42 year old, wife, mother, grandmother?  Is what I have to say really that important?  If you write a blog, is that a sign of arrogance, thinking that you have something more important to say than someone else?  I question my motives, my ability, my passion, my creativity... I question everything.  Do I write for you or do I write for me?

Questions, Questions, Questions!!!!  

Questions can snowball.  One question leads to another and before you know it, you forget what the main question is.  Yes, this is how my mind works...it's not pretty.

So today, I will answer some of my own questions.  I hope someone enjoys this and maybe I will learn something about myself in the process.

1. Why did I start writing a blog?
    Well, good question Kimi...:)  I started writing this blog because I needed to write.  Writing is a part of me and brings me joy.  I also wanted to share the photos that I love.  Photos mostly of my family and friends.

2. Who wants to know what is on my mind?
     I have absolutely no idea!!!  I knew my husband would read it and maybe my parents but that is all that I was counting on.  Not really sure who reads it now but I do have a couple of fans that I know of.  I am by no means popular...flashbacks to high school.

3. Is what I have to say really that important?
    Probably not.  But I say it anyway.  There are some days that I am totally impressed with my wisdom and 9 times out of 10, no one responds.  Other days I feel like I have written a fluff piece and that's when someone will tell me that it spoke to them.  No rules I guess.

4.  Is is a sign of arrogance?
     No.  I write because I love to write not because I think I am any good.

5.  Is what I have to say more important than what someone else has to say?
     Truthfully, I guess sometimes but it truly depends on who is listening(or reading).

6.  Do I write for you or for me?
     Both.  I know that using the desire to write that lives inside me, God can reach someone that I don't know.  If it's wisdom, encouragement, laughter or just a time to sit with a cup of coffee and enter into someone else's world for five minutes...I am hoping that something I say or do will affect someone else for the good.

Writing is a part of my family.  My father is a powerful preacher and teacher.  My mother is an amazing preacher and teacher as well.  She can also write songs and both of them have lots of words.  She has the most amazing voice.  It's the whole package, strong, beautiful, gripping, passionate.  My brother and older sister are both song writers.  My brother had a contract with a record company to buy his songs, my sister has recorded her songs.  Both can sing and have a passion for words.  Then there's me...in the middle.  Last but not least, my baby sister has an ability to make words powerful, funny, heart wrenching and cutting...all at the same time.  Her abilities are far, far beyond mine.  She just hasn't taken the time to sit and write down the words that she speaks.  I think she could be published.   She can also sing beautifully.  You see, my family uses words in different ways but it all comes back to speaking, writing, singing what is on our hearts.

Now that you have read my answers, let me leave you with a couple of questions.

Why do you do what you do?

What is your passion?  What brings you joy and fulfillment?

Are you searching for something or have you already found it?

Writing is part of who I am but as you know, it's not all of who I am.  It takes many pieces to complete this complicated puzzle that is Kimberly VanDyke...just ask my Bo.

If you write, let me know.  I would love to read what you write.  Leave a link or a title and I will look you up.  Share your gift, passion with us today.  Let's communicate.  You can even leave a question for me and I will try to answer you quickly.  I would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend.

This picture of my beautiful Grandmother was taken
by my cousin, Jodie Jewell.  We share a
love of photography and of course a
love for this wonderful woman of God.
She taught all of her grandchildren to
love God and each other.  She is still
teaching us today and even the next

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