hope sign

hope sign

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Light At The End Of The Sickness Tunnel...

The washing machine and dryer are doing their job this morning.  The car has been picked up and a loaner was left.  I did get my bathroom sink and mirror cleaned.  Cup of coffee on my desk.  I have on real jeans today and my hair is done.  My makeup is on (except for mascara...watery eyes).

Why does all this matter?  
                                          Why am I telling you all this?  

Because, I have been sick since Saturday night and today is the first day that I feel like Kimi again. Yes, I am excited about that.  I don't like being sick and stuck in the house all the time.  I haven't been outside all week and if you know me, you know, I like to go places.

I still have a cold and I am a little weak but today I can see a light at the end of the sickness tunnel.

I feel like everything listed above is victory for me.

I am sure that Bo will be happy to get his wife back; Henry will be happy to get his Grammy back; Kimi is happy to get her life back...:)

Here are some quotes that I found on Pinterest.  I like them and hope you find something good in them as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.  Choose to inspire, to do something good for someone else, to be happy and always choose Jesus.  Be Blessed.  

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