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Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Last Summer Beach Day

Scovia looking out at the beach from
the boardwalk
Yesterday I took my grandson, Henry and daughters, Juliana and Scovia to the beach for one last summer day in the sand.

When I woke up, it was 44 degrees out.  I was dreading the day.  I didn't want to spend a cold day at the beach with a three year old.  He loves the sand and I wanted it to be a good day for all of us.  By the time we got there, it was in the upper 70's and beautiful.  I am so thankful that I brought a change of clothes because I started the day in jeans, cami, long sleeved shirt with hood, socks and my Pumas.  I ended up in capris, sleeveless shirt, cami and flip flops.  I even got a little sun.  We couldn't have imagined a prettier day.

Henry burying Grammy's feet


When I arrived at Juliana's house to pick her and Henry up, Henry met me at the door.  He opened his arms wide and shouted, "We're going to the beach, Grammy!!!!"  He was what he calls, "SUPER" excited.

We met up with my In-laws and Bo's Aunt for lunch at the condo they are renting.  It was a great visit and then we went shopping.

Henry and Poppie (his Great Grandfather)
enjoying time on the balcony.  Henry talked
the ears off Poppie.  
Shopping with a three year old, without a stroller, is a very, very, very, bad idea.  My Henry is what I call, a runner.  He runs everywhere and he loves to be chased.  It's OK in the yard at home but on the sidewalk of a busy town, not a good idea.  So after several attempts to teach him how to behave (it's a process) we left.

On the way home, about halfway there, I asked Henry if he had a good day at the beach.  He said yes and then he did something that almost made me cry.  Without being told to, he said, "Thank you Grammy for taking us to the beach today."  I was stunned by his heart.  The sincerity in his little voice.
Oh this little boy is amazing.

Juliana reading a book to Henry.
I love this picture.
I dropped them off at 7pm and I carried in this little sleeping bundle.  Thankful for the day and the moments that I am blessed to get to share with these three wonderful people.  I love my family so very much and I know how blessed I am that when God gave my children spouses, He gave them ones with great hearts.

Our beautiful Scovia.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Whether you are decorating for fall, just relaxing, reading a book or you have a calendar full of activities...know that you are loved by the One who breathed life into your lungs, the One who sees what you are going through and cares so deeply.  Know that He is ever mindful of you.  Remember to give Him thanks as we enter into the season of Harvest.  

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