hope sign

hope sign

Monday, September 9, 2013

He's Off To Preschool...

Today my Henry starts Playschool.  He is "super excited"(his words).  He loves to play with other children and this will give him the opportunity, two days a week.

Mommy and Henry

I woke up this morning remembering the first day Jake went to Playschool.  I had Juliana and Kelcie still with me at home but I felt his absence and I was sad.  Jake was just as excited as Henry is today.

Grammy, Henry and Pop

I think it is really cool that Henry will have the same teacher that Jake, Juliana and Kelcie had all those years ago.  My sister in law, Wendy Smith will be teaching Henry through playing.  I taught at this school for 7 years.  Some days I miss it so much because the kids become a part of you and I worked with really great women.  I know Henry will learn lots of new things and I am excited for him.

Pop and Henry...I think they favor

So, Bo and I are going to Henry's house in about an hour to take pictures of his first day of school.  I will pick him up at 11:30 and listen to him tell me about his day.  We will have lunch and play and we will still enjoy our story time/nap time at 1:00.

Mommy and Henry leaving for school.
He's talking to her the whole way.

These days go by so fast and I want to live in each moment.

In May of next year, we will be welcoming our 2nd grandbaby.  Henry is going to be a big brother.
Juliana and Aaron are expecting a baby and we are all excited.  Henry is already saying he wants a brother not a sister.

Our handsome big boy.
Watch out Aunt Wendy, here comes Henry.

I hope you each have a blessed day.

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