hope sign

hope sign

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


WARNING: Never take vitamins that give energy at night…read the label!!!

I was up all night Sunday night after deciding to take my vitamins at night since they make me a little queasy.

                  BAD IDEA!!!

I went to bed but could not fall asleep.  I couldn't understand why at 3, 4, 5, 6 am I was still wide awake.  It didn't hit me until I went upstairs to get dressed for Bo's birthday breakfast, why I had stayed up ALL night…VITAMINS!!

I did get to take a nap for 1 hour and 45 minutes in the morning but after that, I was on the go!!  God gave me grace for the day because I had to make a birthday dinner for my husband.

Henry had his first day of summer camp yesterday.  He was so excited to meet new friends.  He is at his second day of camp right now.  I will pick him up at 12:00 pm to see how his day went.


his new light up shoes

his mommy brushing his teeth

he's trying to talk while getting his teeth brushed.


He will be three years old tomorrow.  He is part of our Unexpected Blessings list.  We knew that we would love our grandchildren but it was such a surprise to us when we realized how much we would love them.  

There isn't anything that feels like tiny hands on your face, with a little person turning your head so that you will look at him in the face, just so he can tell you, "I yuv you Dammy."  Talk about melting your heart.  I still like to lay next to him while he sleeps just to get the Henry smell…so sweet and serene.  I love this boy.  

When he says, "No, I fine", or "Sure", just like his mommy, I get a little laugh because he is so much like her.  

This morning my heart is full of love.  I like mornings like this.  I am thankful for my blessed life.

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