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hope sign

Monday, August 19, 2013

Things Learned This Weekend

Oh my what a busy weekend we had.

2 birthday parties and one of them was at my house.

But it was a good weekend spent with family and friends.  You really cannot beat time with those you love.

I was going to post pictures of Henry's birthday party but my computer is not cooperating with me this morning.  So I will  leave you with some things I learned over the weekend.

1. People eat a lot at birthday parties.
We had sliders, hot dogs, BBQ pork
chips, baked beans, and cake.
Only cake left!!

2. Homemade pickles are the best!!!
We made Ruth Smith's Christmas Pickles
and they are amazing.  Can't beat your own pantry.

3. Light up shoes make little boys very happy.
Henry now has 2 pairs-Spiderman and Captain America
He loves them both.

4.  I need a new purse.  I still love the purse I have been carrying but
I need a new one.  
This is probably not good news to my husband…sorry Bo.

5. I miss taking 1st day of school pics.
My friends all of kids starting school and in the south, it is today.
It makes me very sad that this is finished for my household.
Upside: Henry will be starting Playschool in September so I get to 
participate in that.

6.  Praise Is What I Do.
Even when I am sick and think I cannot lead in worship,
when I enter in, I can.  
I love to worship and sing unto the LORD.  
It strengthens me.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy your blessings.  

"Willingness to serve 
Is where 
is truly found"
Bishop Ronald Estep

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