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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Can We Teach Our Children To Be Positive?

A farm near Quarryville, Pennsylvania

How can we teach our children to be positive?

When they look at the world (their world), what do they see…possibilities or dead ends?

Is it our job as parents to make sure that they have a balanced view of the world?

I don't know how many watched Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speech that has been making its way around Facebook and many other social websites but I have to admit, it's a good one.  The thing that stood out to me the most is "Opportunity looks like hard work".  He said that he always had a job, no job was too small or insignificant (my paraphrase).

Our vision is altered, like this picture.
Bo looks bigger than the they barn but it's just the angle.

We have coddled our kids, trying to give them everything that they don't recognize the "Opportunity" that hard work brings.  I guess they are expecting everything to come easy because we haven't emphasized the reality of it.

Our beautiful wonderful babies graduate from High School and have no idea what they want to do (which is not unusual, they are still very young), so they do nothing.  Just try to help them out and you will hear about 100,000 reasons why they can't get a job.

If we can take their strengths and guide them while they are small, build up their self esteem and give them a little responsibility-when they are ready to venture out into this huge world, they will have a good foundation to stand on.

Let's get them off the couch, take them to explore the world, be active parents in their mental, physical and spiritual health.  I guess that means that we as parents need to get off the couch too.  Maybe it's not the couch, maybe it's the phone, computer, iPad…whatever takes up the time that should be used to teach, guide and connect with your kids.

My heart breaks for the young people who seem to have no direction.

Parents: SPEAK LIFE TO YOUR CHILD!!!  Give them what they need to be strong adults, not popular slackers.

There are three things your children need more than anything else.

1. Love

They need to know they are loved by you.  
You cannot discipline or teach without it.
They need your love more than anyone else's.
How do you show love?
Provide the basics,
food, shelter, affirmation, discipline…

2. Responsibility

If you are never given responsibility, how will you know what you can do?

I read a blog yesterday that is amazing.  It is called, An Inviting Home,(link)
and she wrote about 4 easy steps to teach your kids responsibilities.  

It gives them purpose and self esteem.

Real Simple magazine this month did a special on family.  
It gives a chart 
for age appropriate responsibilities for children.  

It's okay to start now, if you haven't been.
But you have to be there with them, active, a participator in this.
You are not their absentee employer, you are their teacher,
mentor, PARENT!


Let them know what you believe, 
why you believe it,
what is requires of you,
how to live it out,
what it brings into your life,

If you fail on this, it will bring devastation.

This is the cornerstone that holds the whole foundation together.

They need Him, everything you are teaching them, is all 
wrapped up in Him.

He is Love
He is Joy
He is Peace
He is Patience
He is Kindness
He is Goodness
He is Faithfulness
He is Gentleness
He is Self Control

Yes all these are the Fruit of the Spirit
All of these make up one amazing adult.
Can you ask for anything more?

I truly hope this helps someone today.  I woke up with it on my mind.  

I love these young people out there, even the ones who are like zombies without a destination or even a path to travel.  They see only the negative side of life, no hope, no future, no goals…no joy.  

It's my desire to speak, teach, be a positive influence.  

I pray you have a blessed day.

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  1. Beautiful post Kimberly. You are SO RIGHT, Jesus is the cornerstone that holds the whole foundation together.