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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Joy in the Ordinary

Between 12:30 and 1:30, when I am babysitting Henry, we pick out two books for nap time.  As soon as I tell Henry that it is time to pick out stories, he says, "I not go nite nite", or he will say, "I not tired, Grammy."  I tell him that it is story time and we walk upstairs into my bedroom and he jumps up in my bed.  We go through the same routine each time.  He lays down in my spot and laughs his beautiful laugh while saying, "This is my spot."  We play like I am trying unsuccessfully to move his little body and then I roll him over onto Pop's pillow.  We get under the covers and the stories start.  Halfway through the second story, Henry rolls over and tries not close his eyes.  I sing a song or two to him while he plays with my face and then I close my eyes and the room gets quiet.

Last week, he had to be touching me.  This was when I woke up.
Love it.
I love love love the routine of nap time.  Reading the stories, cuddling with my Henry, the quiet rhythm of his breathing when he falls asleep.  This is all heaven to me.  And this is something that Henry can count on when he is with Grammy.  He sleeps at least 3 hours each time.

yesterday afternoon…yes, that is Bo's bedside table
He likes to read and it is starting to spill onto the floor

Unfortunately, most days I fall asleep too for at least an hour of his nap.  I always feel a little guilty about that but it's only two days a week.  His Mom comes to pick him up at 2:30 on Wednesdays so we don't do a nap because he would be so nasty, he naps at home that day.

I love being a grandmother just like I loved being a mommy of little children.

So many tell me that the best part of being a grandmother is that you get to have your fun and then they go home.  That may be true some days but most days, I would like to play more, talk more, laugh more with him.  These days of just Grammy and Henry (& Aunt Scovia), are going quick.  In a couple of weeks, he will be going to Playschool two days a week.  I won't even be getting him until 11:30 those days.

"Good game guys" is what he said to me.
Love it.

My "Captain America"

He loves to help vacuum when the noise doesn't catch him off guard.

I am so thankful for this time with Henry.  I am thankful for his smile, laugh, his constant jumping up and down or jumping from chair to couch to floor.  I am thankful that he loves to say grace and will pray for me when I have an ache.

"God is great,
God is good,
Grammy's throat,
Henry VanDyke

That was his prayer for me when I had a horrible sore throat almost two weeks ago…Priceless.

I hope throughout your routines today, you find the joy in the process.  I guess it's just an ordinary thing but I have such great joy in the ordinary things.  

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