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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Painting with Kimi

I have a very good friend who very seldom does anything for herself.  She is a hard worker, as a matter of fact, she works six days a week from morning until night at one job and then finds the time to work an at home business, plus, she takes care of her parents and still finds time to hang with me every couple of weeks.  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

No, as much as she would like me to say it, she is not a saint…sorry friend.

We have been friends (kinda, at first I was more a tag along…age difference) since I can remember.  I guess we became close friends throughout different times in our lives.  But she has always been extremely important to me and now, we are sisters by choice.

She is the friend that I wrote about Friday.  The one I was going to help paint her new home office.

Well, I did help her paint and it turned out very very pink.  It is a bold move for some, but

To me it says, "I am doing this because it makes me happy."

Believe me, you cannot be sad in this room…it screams JOY!!!

She took a room that was white, white and white and transformed it into something that is her.  She brought a little color into her home and I think that it is the real her, she just always saw it in other people.  But she has a light that shines through her…something I am not sure that she is aware of.

We had a great time painting and laughing and talking.  We ate pizza and the best Heath Bar cookies ever.  I think these cookies really should be a sin.  She bought them…(hence, the not saint part) from Martins bakery.  Yummy is just not the right word, but it is the closest thing I can think of right now.

I have one photo I am going to show you.  This is of the room with one coat of paint.  No we are not professionals, but don't fear, it looks better now.

The desk is not staying.  We are on a search for the perfect desk and other items for my friends room.  The color is Cabaret from Valspar…Lowes.  The second coat made the color a bit deeper.  

I will show you updated pics when we are further along in the decorating (as long as my friend gives me the okay).  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I know I did.  

Friday Night dinner with Bo, Jake and Scovia at Potstickers, trip to Best Buy to purchase a new flash for my camera and then on to the mall. 

A Just Because gift from my hubby…gotta love Bo and
Kate Spade

Saturday morning; breakfast with my sister, brother in law and his mom.

Saturday afternoon and evening; painting with my best girl friend.

Sunday morning; Eucharist, Worship Service and Sermon at Christ the King Church, in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Sunday afternoon; homemade BLT's (mine with a fried egg) with my hubby.

Sunday evening; ice cream with my parents, Jake and Scovia and Bo.  Of course we ended the evening with Masterpiece Theater's new show, "Silks".  It's no Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife but it seems pretty good.  

I am looking forward to a wonderful week and I hope you are all blessed.

"What can you do to promote 
world peace?
Go home
love your family"
Mother Teresa

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