hope sign

hope sign

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home Office, A Few Of My Favorite Things

Henry sleeping on my office sofa…the pillow is now in
another room, it just didn't fit in :(

I do love my office.  I love that when you walk in, you know it's a woman's office.  

Here are some of my favorite things in my office

My Rug

It's called the Juliana Rug which is why I clicked on it to begin with.  
My office has had two residents when it was a bedroom and both were named, JULIANA!!!
My daughter and the daughter of the first owners…can you say CRAZY?!
I love the colors and it's a little whimsical.  I love love love it.

My Chair

This chair is from Home Goods and it is super comfy.  
I wanted something that I could read a magazine in that would just coddle me.
I got it with this chair.  I love the colors  which are not as bright as they appear in this pic.
This was a good purchase.

My Artwork

Bo bought me this print last year in Sonoma at the Market.
Jessica Rogers is the photographer/artist.
She has a lot of work with antique cars, trucks, cameras….I love her work.
You can visit her site here.
I finally framed it and when the room was ready, I was so excited to hang it.  

My Sign

I have already written about this sign and it makes me smile everyday.
I love everything about this sign.  
When I saw it on a blog, I had to find one.
I bought it on Etsy.  
You can get it and a lot of amazing signs here.
This sign maker has to love the LORD.
You can tell it in their work.

My Bling

Yes, bling…every girl needs bling in her room.
I haven't been able to get a chandelier yet,
so this was the next best thing.  
I love it when the sun shines in and makes rainbows on my walls.
Henry loves that too.
Home Goods is the place to go for blinging out your home office
or bedroom.  

I decided to write about some of my favorite things about my home office because I believe we need to really look at what we have and appreciate it.  Is my office complete, no.  Is it perfect all the time, no.  It is a work in progress but I am so thankful for it.  

I am thankful for the time shopping with my husband, sisters, nieces, daughters, son and mother to complete this room.  We had such fun at the Gypsy Vintage sale, at Home Goods (many trips), at Pier 1; the shopping, the lunches, the laughter, the fellowship…Oh what fun we had.

When my office is 100% complete, I will do a better photo shoot and share it with you.  I hope I gave you some inspiration to decorate your home with things that have meaning to you and bring you joy.  I love surrounding myself with soft items, pretty things, things that speak my heart (sign), and most of all with the people I love.  

I hope you all have a great day.  Be Blessed.

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