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hope sign

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Day Of Liberating, Prosperous Change...

Some days just seem to fly by.  You wake up in the morning with all these plans and when you go to bed that night, you haven't accomplished any items on your list.  That is what we call LIFE!

I keep a regular schedule in the morning…usually.

Get up

Go to the bathroom

Make a cup of coffee

Take it upstairs to my office

Read my devotional

Open my computer

Read some blogs

Write my blog (sometimes, I write before I read other blogs)

Then I go on with the rest of my day

Yesterday, however, was just off.

I slept till almost 10:00 am!!!  Well that right there, threw my day off.  I was all stuffy, with a headache (again)…just felt like I had been run over.

I was thinking about how I need to clean upstairs, especially, my bathroom…


I receive a text…


Soooo, guess what I did?

I got dressed,
                       Scovia got ready
                                                               off we went
                                                                                      to pick up my mother

                                                                                             for shopping and of course lunch.

Suddenly, no more stuffiness, no more headache, I was feeling much better.

I knew shopping was the cure for most sicknesses.  LOL

Yes, I came home with 4 new dresses…all on sale, 2 of them were $25.

Sometimes, a little break from our scheduled, everyday activities can be such a liberating and prosperous change.

So today, I follow my regularly scheduled program.  I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the tasks of today.

I am looking forward to my Friday Night Date Night with my husband…I might wear one of my new dresses.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with some unexpected change!!!

*Remember, change is my word for the year.  That sucker just keeps creeping up in my life…lol

"Behold, I tell you a mystery;
We shall not all sleep,
but we shall all be changed-
In a moment,
in the twinkling of an eye,
at the last trumpet.
For the trumpet will sound, 
and the dead will be raised
and we shall be changed."
I Corinthians 15:52, 53 NKJV

I realize that this is a strange scripture for today but when I think about change, this scripture/song comes to my mind.  When I was a kid, we sang part if this scripture in a song.

We shall be changed
We shall be changed
Changed in a moment
a twinkling of an eye
We shall be changed.

We shall be changed
We shall be changed
Changed from a mortal
to immortality
In a twinkling of an eye.

(Just a blast from my tent revival past)

By Kimberly Estep VanDyke

** The pictures are from our beloved beach house, Davis Dunes II (we rent it every year), in Hatteras.  

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