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Monday, July 8, 2013

My Great Weekend Discovery

I love the cloud that looks like a bird or angles wings

Good Morning!  The sun is shining and the grass and flowers have been freshly watered by another rain.  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

On Saturday, I was cleaning out the stuff that seams to gather in my front room.  It is almost like the corners of that room have a magnetic field that draws all things.

I found blankets,
                    candle sticks,
                                                    notebooks (one from when the kids were still in school),

For Valentine's Day 2010, I came across this book at a local bookstore.  It is a book of letters written to Nancy Reagan by President Ronald Reagan.  The book is called, "I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan."  It's a lovely book.   When I found it, I had a great idea for a Valentine's gift for my husband.

It seems the older we get, the more we are in danger of losing the imagination gifts for our spouses.  I guess we are busy and we don't take the time to make something personal or with deep emotions because we have already celebrated so many anniversaries, birthday's, valentine's days…etc.  Well in 2010, I had a great idea.

Bo and I are both great fans of Ronald Reagan.  We think he was one of the greatest Presidents ever.  Whenever I find something about him, I think, "Bo would love this." So when I found this book -
                                                         LIGHTBULB moment…

It is about Love…It was going to be Valentine's Day in a couple of days…"Bo will love this".
I bought it and a journal with a tree on the front and a new pen (Bo and I both love new pens).

My idea was that Bo and I would write notes, poems, letters to each other in this journal, whenever we felt the urge.  He loved this gift.  I wrote him a letter before I gave it to him.  It was only 24 hours before I got a letter of my own.  This went on for a couple of months (around 6 or 7) and I guess the book got put in the corner of the front room because that is where I found it Saturday.

I love baby feet…this is one of the reasons our
writing took a long break, he's almost 3!!!

I was so excited to find it.  I reread all the entries and wrote a new one.

Yes, there is over a 2 year gap but that is okay.  We will pick it back up and write to each other.


It is so good to know what we have been through and who was with us through it all.

I guess it's not for everyone but I love the written word and the feelings that it can hold.  It amazes me.  It doesn't take a lot of money or things, what the heart is saying…that's what makes it special and cherished.

Have a blessed day.

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