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hope sign

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy Day

I tried and tried to get to write yesterday but nothing worked out.  I told my son that it just felt strange not writing my blog on a weekday.  It was a busy day and time just wasn't my friend.  BUT, I did get to have a friend over for dinner and my Godson.  So it was busy but good…for that I am Thankful!!

I took Henry over to my mothers so he could visit with my great niece.  They had a great time blowing bubbles, being frogs, acting like babies all swaddled, having a snack in the smallest tea cups ever.  It's the little things that they think are just amazing.  Henry laughed a lot and he had a fantastic time. 
Henry, Presley & Mom playing on the floor

Henry and Presley riding on the back of their
Great Grandma…Mom Mom Estep
Can you tell their having a blast!!?

Here are the swaddled babies…they loved this

Henry and I then picked up Bo (Pop) for lunch where he got to ride the merry go round and play Foosball, eat pizza and french fries and really just tell spend some time with his grandparents.  By this time, I was so tired already but Henry was still full of energy.  I guess that is the life of a two year old…to have his energy would be amazing.  

We took Pop back to work which made Henry upset and so to entertain him on the ride back home, we sang and sang and sang.  I thought just maybe he would take a nap but NOOOOOO!!  We played on the floor and in the front room.  Then he wanted to watch Dragon Tales around 4pm.  And this is what happened.
Houston, we have landed!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

I love days like this.  The house was totally silent, my grand baby was sleeping on the couch, dinner was in the oven and all was right in the world…well at least my little world.  

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