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Friday, July 5, 2013

I Love The Loudness Of Laughter, Singing and Family

Some days I start and restart writing my blog several times.  Today is one of those days.  I have trouble getting a clear thought and so I start to ramble about nothing.  Writing helps me sort out my thoughts and eventually I will tap out a coherent blog.  

It's a quiet day here on Coachman Drive.  The day after the fourth of July festivities.  Our home was full yesterday of young adults, all in their 20's except for when my parents came over and of course Bo and I are no longer in our 20's.  Our original plan for Bo's day off was to get some things done around the house but some of our young adults at church wanted to come over so we cooked and fed them.  I am so thankful for these "kids".  Yes, I still call them kids because I have watched each one grow from infants and they are all my kids.  

The energy that they bring into the home is amazing.  When they all start talking at one time and then break out into song, singing crazy lyrics and making us laugh, its always a good time.  It was also very very loud.  Now I know why my parents would go for a walk when we had company.  This place was echoing with laughter and crazy talk.  

I have always felt that our home should be a place for gatherings and I love it when it is full of people and laughter.  There are some days that I want quiet and the older I get the more quiet comes into my life.  I hope truly hope that my life will always have loud laughter, singing, love and lots of people around.  

I pray you have a wonderful weekend. Remember that you are blessed and that Jesus loves you.

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