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hope sign

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Praise Filled My Soul...

It's not many days that I get up early enough to see the sunrise.  This morning, I got up extra early because I am going to the beach for the day and had things I needed to do.  As I was drinking my coffee, I looked out my front room window and beheld the most beautiful sky.  It put a praise in my prayers.  I wasn't feeling like praising when I got my cup of coffee but when my eyes beheld His magnificent beauty, a praise filled my soul.

I love little reminders to praise our wonderful Creator.  I hope this blog today gives you that reminder.  As the song says, "In all I do, I honor You."

This week has been all about the new prince.  As I watched his mama and daddy come out of the hospital holding him, it made me go back and look at pics of my little loves.  Here are a few of them when they were so tiny.

Henry and I moments after he was born…my heart is full
Presley…so tiny and perfect.  

Jacob…such a little man.  Look at those legs.
He has always had such a serious side, of course he is sleeping here.

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