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hope sign

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy Day With A Two Year Old and A College Student

A little quiet time before Henry got here
Well it has been an eventful morning here at the VanDyke house.  Trying to keep Henry inside while it is raining outside is not easy.  The boy loves to play outside.  When we told him it was raining, he decided that he didn't want to do anything.  So his Auntie Kelcie and Grammy decided to make it an indoor fun day.

Such a sad boy

What do you do with a two year old boy who wants so bad to go outside and play?  We built a tent and tried to get him to do some creative activities.  He liked the tent a lot but not the crafts.  Now he is watching the Rugrats movie under his tent.  He ate his lunch under the tent and I am sure that is where he will play the rest of the day.

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