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Friday, June 21, 2013

Intentional Fun...

Henry and I on the train…our first ride of the day.
Sometimes you just have to step away and go have intentional fun.  Fun that is planned the night before or hours before and you gather your kids (grown in my case), your husband, grandson and sister and just go.  You will not regret taking a day riding little kiddie rides, eating cotton candy and dipping dots, laughing and enjoying the warmth of the beautiful sun.

We did just that yesterday.  Bo and I decided that it was time Henry went to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster PA.  We took our children there when they were small and everyone always had such a great time.  We arranged with all the adults to go and off we went.  Henry was so excited because he loves rides.  This boy has no fear.  He likes the rides that go fast and high.  We could hear him laughing his beautiful giggle laugh as he came sliding down the huge slide with Aaron.  He rode the Froggy Pond ride twice in a row.  He loved the little roller coaster with Aunt Tis (Chris) and was extremely disappointed that he is still too small for the biggest roller coaster at the park.

I hope you all get to do something fun this weekend and enjoy all those precious moments throughout this summer.  I say "WELCOME" to the first day of summer.

My Family (short red head is my sister not my daughter)…lol

Juliana's Family

My goofy husband and goofy daughter

Love this of my beautiful sister but Aaron's smile is cracking me up
I love that he has a goofy side…fits right in.

Our Scovia is beautiful

Pop, Grammy and Henry on the Carousel.  

Knight Jake and Princess Scovia 
Knight Dragon Henry and Princess Mommy Juliana

Henry and Aaron on the big slide…love his face here
Such delight.

The Clough's on the Flume!!!  Henry loved this too.

This picture is pure love!!!!  I cannot look at it enough.


Christian getting friendly with Jacob Yoder…lol

He looks scared of Kelcie...

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