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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Want A Heart Like Henry's

Morning kisses from yesterday.
I was noticing today something that I just love about my grandson.  Of course there are many things but this one quality stood out to me today and really this week.  Henry is very caring and he compliments often.

We were in the front room (some call it formal living room) with his mom, step-dad, and two aunts.  We were all talking and laughing.  Henry is wrestling with Aaron and when he walks over to the coffee table and looks at a basket of shells that I have collected over the years, he says, "Nice shells Dammy". He takes a couple of the shells out of the basket and to himself he says, "Cool shells.  I like them."  He's not trying to impress anyone and doesn't feel the pressure to make someone feel better about themselves, he just liked the shells and I guess he knew they were mine.  I got to be on the receiving end of the compliment.  I of course said thanks and he went about jumping and flying and laughing till he had no strength.  By the way, I love days when we are just so relaxed and enjoying each other.

Henry playing with KaKa
I love this.  He is such a joy.
Henry will notice if my hair has changed and he will let me know when he thinks it looks good.  He notices if one of us ladies is wearing makeup or lipstick.  He will ask us, "What is on your wips (lips)?".  He uses his manners, most of the time, by saying, "Please" and "Thank You".  If he accidentally hurts you in any way he is super quick to say, "Sorry Dammy.  You OK? It will be alright."  Yes, all three most of the time.  He has such a huge heart.

Making a butterfly with Grammy & Aunt Scovia
He's very proud and worked hard.  I love that
he put the lips on the top of the butterfly's head.

My prayer is that he never loses that heart.  That my friend, is a heart that God can use to help others.  That is heart full of compassion and love.  I think that is why Jesus had such a soft spot for children.  He could see the purity in their hearts.  No sense of manipulation.  Just genuine concern or hurt or happiness.

After Juliana and Aaron's wedding, we brought Henry to our house because his Mama was going on her honeymoon and a two year old kills the mood.  I go to take Henry's tux off, which makes him so mad at me.  After I calm him down and get his jammies on, he says, "Dammy, mommy was a princess. Mommy was a princess."  He said that to me several times that night and the next day.  At two years old, he noticed.  To a two year old, a princess is the greatest compliment you can receive.  Yes, even the boys know what a princess is.

I want a heart so pure and simple.  

Quick to love

Quick to laugh

Quick to compliment

Quick to show compassion

Quick to say I'm sorry

Quick to help

O Lord, please give me a heart like that...

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