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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Heart Exposed

I read a blog yesterday that really spoke to me about what we say or sing, shows the content of our hearts.  The blog, Can I Brag On My Lord? bragonmylord.com.  I wanted to share with you a quote from this young mans blog.  I haven't went through the archives of this blog so I don't know if it is all as good as this but I will be reading more of his stuff.

Rap & Religion
"Have you ever tripped while holding a glass of water or juice?  Whatever you have in the glass spills out onto the ground.  As we all know, our clumsiness doesn't produce the liquid, it just shows us what's in the glass.  It's the same thing with our words.  When we speak or rap, the content of our hearts is spilling out.  Speech and music doesn't make us sinful, but it does expose what's in our hearts and minds."

Matthew 12:34 KJV "O Generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh."

Matthew 12:34-37 MSG, "You have minds like a snake pit!  How do you suppose what you say is worth anything when you are so foul minded?  It's your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words.  A good person produces good deeds and words, season after season.  An evil person is a blight on the orchard.  Let me tell you something: Everyone of these careless words is going to come back to haunt you.  There will be a time of Reckoning.  Words are powerful; take them seriously.  Words can be your salvation.  Words can also be your damnation."  

There have been so many times in my life that I have wanted to take back the words that I spoke in haste or in anger.  We are responsible for what comes out of our mouths, even when we are angry.  So many of us feel that we should get a free pass because we were mad and it didn't count.  But I am here to tell you, IT COUNTS!!  Just like the blogger said, our words show the content of our hearts.  So I guess the answer is; Put good things in and good things will come out.

Psalm 19: 14 KJV, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer."

What we meditate on will eventually come out of our mouths.  What we are focused on, what we watch, what we listen to, what we are involved in, what we love; it will all be revealed in our speech.  One little slip of the tongue will reveal what's in our glass.

Fill your heart and your mind with the goodness of the LORD.

Meditate on positive things.  

Put on uplifting music.

Watch a funny movie.

Read your Bible.

Talk with positive people about positive things.  Don't make it about yourself.

It's so cool: When we get our minds off of ourselves and focused on someone else or helping someone, suddenly our problems don't seem as big as they once did.  It's in these moments when we allow God to work on our problems and there are times, as we focus on others, a miracle takes place and God brings us through, painlessly.

He desires to bless us but we stop Him by speaking negativity into our lives.  He will honor His Word. There is power in your words.  What we are speaking precedes our actions.  Be positive in  your speech and you will start to walk and act accordingly.  It works, I am a living, breathing witness to this gift.  Of course the opposite is powerful too.

Speak negativity…Get negativity.

Speak positive…Get positive.

Always remember in the lean times; God's grace is sufficient for you.  He will bring you through and you will be victorious, if that is your desire.  He is a good God, a loving God, a compassionate God, a just God…All good things come from Him…like you.

 Be Blessed.

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