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hope sign

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Love Board

Tonight, sitting in my office listening to Pandora's Solo Piano Radio, thinking about things that I just do not understand and feelings that are at times a little hard to process, an envelope caught my eye.  I remembered bringing it upstairs yesterday when I was preparing for dinner.  I remember thinking, I don't want to lose this.  I had the passing thought, I am going to need this one day to help me or encourage me.  I just didn't know that 24 hours later, it would come in handy.  

About a month ago I had a 31 Party.  31 is a company that sells bags that you can get personalized and use for many things.  My consultant, Jessica Smith, had a card that she passed around to everyone.  She told my guests to describe me in one word (nice things only) and then she gave the card to me.  I read it later and I was touched by the words that others described me with.  Sometimes we need to be reminded how we are loved or even how others see us.  

After I read it, I went through and wrote who each word was from.  I never want to forget what these ladies said about me.  These ladies are a part of my heart.  I am determined to let others know how I feel about them.  

Let me encourage you, as you read this, to tell the people you love, how you feel.  I am thankful for Jessica Smith and her card of positive words.  It has touched my heart more than once.  I hung it up on what I now call, MY LOVE BOARD.

Remember to think about your blessings and there are times, we need to write them down.  I just read a book by Maya Angelou called, Mom & Me & Mom.  She said there was a very low time in her life that a friend told her to write down her blessings.  By the time she was finished she was uplifted and ready to go home and live.  Write it down, put it into words, the blessings of the LORD.   

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  1. It is so easy at times to forget the many blessings that we do have when going through the bad times. Having them written down would be a great way to keep them in sight. I think I may make a Love board of some kind myself.