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Monday, May 20, 2013

Music Is A Living Thing

What makes you feel closer to God?  Is it when you touch the face of a newborn baby, looking at it's little fingers and smelling the fragrance of new life?  Or is it when you walk into His beautiful creation, noticing the colors, smells and majesty of it all?  Can you feel it when you hear your little boy or girl sing, "Jesus Loves Me" or when he or she says, "Can I hold you"?

Bo and Jake right after Jake was born
For me, I feel closest to Him when I hear music.  Music is magic to me.  I can see and feel what I am singing.  Music is a living thing to me.  The flow, the intensity, the beat, the words, the rhythm, the heartbeat of a song.  Music is part of heaven and part of earth.  It was before man was.  I think that is why man has such a draw to music of all kinds.  When you are sad, you play sad music because it tells how you are feeling.  Even if there aren't any words, the melody can be solemn.  If you are happy, you play or sing upbeat songs that give you something to clap or dance to.  Music mimics what's happening in the soul of man.

Jacob getting ready to show his piano man abilities

Henry can't get enough of the drums

When I sing songs of praise, I am in the words.  Like the song, "The More I Seek You", I am the one sitting at His feet, drinking from the cup in His hands.  I am the one laying back and feeling His heartbeat.  It's a movie playing in my head.  In the song, "Holy of Holies", I can feel the fight against the crowd, trying my best to get to where He is…in the Holy of Holies.  It comes from my soul and connects me with God.

Bo sitting in the majestic canvas of God's creation

I think in song, I pray in song, I worship in song…music is magic to me.  I am in awe of those who write songs and play many instruments.  I sing what others have written and I don't play an instrument except the one God placed in my body and on the ends of my arms.  But I am thankful for music everyday.  It takes me into a place of worship that feels like I am sitting right in front of my Jesus.

Henry says, "Mommy, can I hold you?
I ask again, what makes you feel closer to God?  Tonight, as I watch the horrors unfold in Oklahoma, the loss of life and possessions, I am reminded that we need that connection with the Prince of Peace, the One who brings comfort to those who are torn apart by catastrophe's.  My prayers are with those in the midst of this life altering storm.

He is our Peace in the midst of the storm

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