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Monday, April 15, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Song?

On Sunday Morning, before church, I had planned out the songs we would sing for Worship.  But after Communion, the LORD had something else in mind.  Our usual two fast songs and one slow song wasn't going to cut it.  Between The Eucharist and the Praise and Worship Service, I felt like I should sing the song, "Thanks".  We needed to enter into Thanksgiving.  Remind ourselves why we are there.

"Thanks, thanks, I give you thanks.  For all you've done.  I am so blessed, my soul is at rest. Oh LORD, I give you thanks."  

A very simple chorus that focuses totally on us giving Thanks to HIM.  While we were singing this song, I could feel the presence of the LORD so powerfully which then led into the song, "He Is Here".

"There's a sweet anointing in the sanctuary.  There's a stillness in the atmosphere.  Come and lay down the burdens you have carried for in the sanctuary, God is here.  
He is here, He is here, to break the yoke and lift the heavy burden.  
He is here, He is here, to heal the hopeless heart and bless the broken.
Come and lay down, the burden you have carried, for in the sanctuary, God is here."

Oh this song is so powerful.  Just writing it down, I can feel presence of the God in my home.  Then something happened after we sang that song.  My brother in law Patrick, who is on the Worship Team, started singing in his smooth, Bing Crosby like voice, "I Need Thee".

"I need thee, Oh I need thee.  Every hour I need thee.  Oh, bless my now my Savior, I come to thee."

When he started to sing, I started to cry.  No, I am not afraid to show my emotions in church.  I figured God made all my emotions, He's alright with tears, joy…your emotions do not offend Him, after all He created us with them.

I am so thankful for the presence of the LORD.  I could not go to a church that didn't allow the Holy Spirit to move and where you didn't feel Him there.  I love Christ The King Church in Havre de Grace Maryland.  I love the teaching, the unity, the worship and the fact that it is a place of healing and love.

The power of a song is evident in all walks of life.  But the power of a song to usher us into the presence of God is my favorite.  There is not another place like it.

What is your favorite song that you feel like you are sitting right there in God's lap?  Sing it today.  Enter into His presence with Thanksgiving, into His courts with Praise!!!  It will only Bless You and give you joy and peace.

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