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hope sign

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I love to be creative.  Whether it is writing, taking photos, painting, doing crafts with Henry, coloring a picture, decorating my home…I love to create.  I am drawn to art.  I am drawn to dream.  Every piece of art starts in the dream.  Some days I wake up knowing what I am going to write about or what I want to photograph.  Some days I sit at the computer and force myself to find something to write about and that usually starts with a photo.  Photography inspires me.  I love the imperfections in photography.  I think that is why I like to photograph nature.  A photo of nature can be anything you desire.  It can be a blurry bunch of colors and just pop or you can focus just on the inside of a flower…it's all up to the artist.  Like the photo below, super blurry…in my eyes, super cool and I love the colors.  The flower below that is beautiful, my favorite flower and I love the way it is only half lit.  Now some will tell you that I am an amateur, and they are correct but I am learning.  

Here are some more of my favorite, not perfect pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Not creative but he said he was Pop sitting at
Pops desk at VIG

I have always loved this pic of Kelcie with Julie talking
on the phone in the blurry back

Jake, Melody and Jenna at the beach in 2010

In the barn at Poppies Easter 2010

I love this of my parents on the Ferry to Ocracoke 2010

Presley loving the water OBX 2010

Jacob…he's perfect and I love the sun streaming between the
tree limbs that is casting shadows on his sweet face

He is perfection

KaKa with Presley in the water OBX

Ethan at Aunt Cheryl's pool…I just love this

This is why we take pics as Aunties…
So we never forget the fun that is Jenna Hope
OBX 2010

Jacob is too cool

After Juliana's hot as a firecracker baby shower,
the rain that followed…ONE OF MY FAVES

The fountain at Julie's shower

Henry's perfect foot

The baby's cooling their toes

Henry, "Whatcha talkin bout, Grammy?"

Jacob loves the fountain

Henry…baby wrinkles LOVE




DREAM, IMAGINE, LOVE, CREATE, INSPIRE…It's all part of the Blessed Life.

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