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Friday, April 19, 2013

Priorities Over Distractions

I try to keep a schedule during the week just to keep myself on track.  I have a tendency to get distracted and then nothing gets accomplished.  There are some days that even to sit down and write a small blog seems like an impossible dream.  So many things call out to be done or addressed and if I don't focus on the task in front of me, I will not complete it.  

I remember when I was a teenager and it was time for me to clean my bedroom, what should have taken an hour would end up taking me three hours because something caught my eye and I became distracted.  I would start looking at a book that I picked up to put away or I would start looking at pictures or playing with my makeup…it could be anything.  The fact was that very innocent things distracted me and prolonged my task.  To be honest, that still happens to me today in my 40's.

This morning has been a distracted morning.  I have had the TV on watching the coverage of the hunt for Boston bomber suspect #2.  I don't want to turn it off but I couldn't put a thought together because of the sound from the TV.  In order to write, I had to turn off the TV or mute the sucker…distraction.  

We face distractions every day.  I was reading a blog this morning where a Mom of a two year old said that when she becomes too distracted by her work, her two year old will start having melt downs in order to get her attention.  It causes her to refocus on what is a priority in her life.  Stop what she is doing and scoop up her baby, giving him the attention he needs.  Then her sweet little baby becomes the happy boy that everyone knows and loves.  

What is the distraction stealing away your precious time and energy?  Is it the TV or just a bunch of little innocent things?  Is it big things like life decisions or work or even play?  Today, refocus on what is a priority, what is the important task at hand.  I don't live your life and cannot determine your priorities for you.  I know for myself that I have been distracted and have neglected some things that I now will refocus on.  So many times, what we let go undone or neglected are the very things that will strengthen us and bring us peace and love.  

Today in the news we hear and watch so many lives destroyed by senseless acts of violence.  It makes me want to hold on to the things that bring peace and love into my life…God, my family, my friends.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of good food, good friends, good fellowship. 

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