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Friday, April 26, 2013

Love Is In The Air

I do believe love is in the air right now.  I have to say that there are some days when I crave the presence of my husband.  I like to just sit in the front room with him and drink coffee, talk and we usually end up laughing.  When I climb into bed at night and just feel his warmth, it is home to me.  He has strong hands, a giving heart, a contagious smile and he loves me. 

Kelcie, Emily and Juliana
Tomorrow, Scovia, Juliana and I are going to my nieces bridal shower.  My niece, Emily is so beautiful inside and out.  I am so proud of the woman she is and the woman she is becoming.  (We never stop  growing and changing)  She has a lot of the same traits as her Uncle Bo.  She is very smart, an adventurous cook, loves to garden, loves to eat, loves her family, considers others, she is kind, just an amazing young woman.  As you can tell, I love this girl and I am so proud to be her Aunt.  

Emily and Tony

I guess with Emily's shower tomorrow and date night tonight, I am feeling all gushy and gooey inside.  I like that feeling.  But when all the gushy, gooey feelings are gone and my day doesn't look so bright, I am still very much in love.  Love is not a feeling, it's a decision.  Feelings come and go.  One day I feel all gooey and the next I just want some time alone…feelings are fickle things.  24 years ago, I decided to love Kenneth Dudley VanDyke, III "Bo" for the rest of my life.  Of course I was filled with all kinds of feelings at the time but it is my commitment to him and to God and our families that sustained me when the feelings were on vacation.  

In a little less than two months, Emily will stand up in front of God, her family and friends and vow the same thing to Tony.  To love, honor and cherish until death they do part.  They will then start on the path of becoming one.  It is a great journey that doesn't end but continues to deepen, strengthen and all of sudden you realize that you didn't even notice when you stopped being two.  Their lives will become so interwoven that they won't even know where one ends and the other begins.  This is God's great gift to us and His plan for marriage.  

We are, everyone of us, someones favorite unfolding story -Ann Patchett

I will probably cry tomorrow at Emily's shower because I do that.  I pray that she has the kind of forever love that I have been blessed with.  

I hope your weekend is full of love and you see the blessings that God has given you, daily.  

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