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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life's About Changing, Nothing Ever Stays The Same

This morning the painter arrived, taking Juliana's old room from purple to blue heather.  On Friday the floor guys will come in, rip out the black carpet and replace it with a winter white hardwood.  As I was removing the curtains from this teen bedroom so Mr. Webb could paint, it hit me as sad.  My little girl got married three months ago and this part of our lives is over.  Mr. Webb is filling in the hole shaped like the scroll of the doorknob, taking down the bracket that held her chalkboard and washing away the marks left by a toddling baby who put things on the walls.  In just a few days it will no longer look like Juliana's room but it will be transformed into my office…fresh paint, new floors, new furniture, new curtains…a new beginning for this abandoned room.
Henry and Juliana's empty bedrooms
Henry's is the blue and Julie's is the purple

I think of that song by Patty Loveless, "How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye".  In the song she says, "life's about changing, nothing ever stays the same…"  In the last couple of years I have come to realize the truth in that statement.  Not that all changes are bad, some are really good but sometimes even the good ones are an adjustment.  Juliana getting married and moving away from our home is a good thing but some days I do miss seeing her with Jake and Kelcie just laying around watching TV or hearing them laugh while hanging out with their friends.  But I love my son in law and my grandson and I am so happy for her that she found someone to love her and Henry, creating the Family she so much desired.

New floor

New color…blue heather 
As I am watching the room change and as I anticipate my new office, I carry the memories of sitting on the bed with my little girl, talking and laughing in her purple room with nasty black carpet (it was there when we moved in).  I remember the days when the room was filled with girls getting ready for Homecoming or Prom.  I will forever remember the night sleeping with her while she was in the first hours of labor and for the next two weeks after Henry was born because she was just learning to be a Mommy.  That little room facing the front of the house, holds many precious memories and I look forward to the day when it is completed, sitting on the little sofa, reading my grand babies stories and telling Henry about his first 2 years of life on Coachman Drive.

"Life's About Changing, Nothing Ever Stays The Same"…I guess it would be boring if it did.  I am looking forward because I know that He is with me wherever I am.  This is a blessed life.

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