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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kimi, Look It Up…WHY?

There comes a point in every child/young adults life that they have to take ownership of their spiritual life.  When you raise them in church, they can become so reliant on what Mom and Dad say about God that they neglect the searching it out for themselves.  I remember my Dad telling me to look it up. It would make me so mad because why wouldn't he just give me the answer?!  Of course, now I understand the "why" and I see the importance of looking it up on my own.  My Dad was and is great about helping me understand but until I got into the meat myself, I would never get the full nourishment that it offers.  My spiritual life could not survive on rumors alone.  I needed to enter into the fullness of God.  I had to grow up and own it.

When your child/young adult comes to that place where you can see the light go on and you witness him/her truly searching out the Word, you know that it has become real for them.  They aren't using the Word to find a loophole to get to do what they want.  They are in a real relationship with the Father.  You have just witnessed a beautiful thing.  It's a maturing in the spirit.

Last night, my youngest, Kelcie, gave her first sermon at a youth meeting in Florida.  She attends an awesome church in Florida while she is college.  Her Pastors and Associate Pastors are amazing.  They have taken her into their fold while she can't be here in ours.  I love to see churches training the young. Allowing them to be a part of the service.  Caleb (the pastors son) videoed Kelcie sharing so we could see her first time sharing the Word.  It excites my heart to see the passion that my little girl has for God. I have seen her go through many stages in her walk with God. I know that she will continue to grow and as Bishop Junior Vigante from the Philippines says, "It's a process".  She will go through times of great victory, great sorrow, mountain top and valley experiences.  Through the process of life, my daughter will experience many things, but she has a foundation that is ROCK SOLID…Jesus Christ.  Because she is not living on my walk with the Lord or her father's walk with the Lord, she will make it through, as long as she keeps her eyes on Christ.

When Peter took his eyes off of Jesus, he started to sink but he didn't just let himself drown.  Peter, because of what he knew, he called on the One who could save him.  He called out to Jesus and that's what we have to do.  We are not perfect but we know the One who can save us.  When we take our eyes off of Christ, which will and does happen, call out for Him and He WILL reach right down and take our hands to bring us out of what is trying to overcome us.

Just like my parents had and have to be patient with me, I will be patient with my children.  I don't always get it right and neither will they.  But I am so happy that God is allowing me the privilege of being a part of training them and watching them grow.  For this I know that I am blessed.

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