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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Falling In Love All Over Again

I just read a post at Memories on Clover Lane called "Dear House".  I will have a link to it at the end of this post.  The writer talks about how all winter long she has felt suffocated by the walls of her home, all she can see is what needs to be done and how hard it is to accomplish the tasks.  She is disenchanted with her home.  She is ready to move and find something new and easy.  Until she went for a walk and came around the corner to see her home waiting for her.  What she needed was a new perspective.  This place that has been a part of her family for years.  Their blood sweat and tears are in the walls and floors of this home.  Falling in love with her home all over again.

Friends I cherish

Life is like that.  We find that we become disenchanted with things, people and life.  We start looking for new stuff, new friends, new spouses, new churches, new jobs, new cars, new homes, new, new, new.  Instead of working on what we have, we embrace, "the grass is always greener" attitude.  I know  there are times when we have to move on from things or even people but too many times we give up right before our breakthrough.  We need a new perspective.  We need to fall in love again.

The home I prayed for
We get so caught up on what is wrong that we fail to see what is good.  We no longer see the joy and we lose our perspective.  Sometimes, we just need to go for a walk and be refreshed.  Wait for that first warm day so we can open the windows and let out all the stuffiness and let the breeze blow through.  As Bo would say, "Get the stink blown off".

The man I love
My dad preached a message when I was a little girl that I will never forget the title of,  "There's No Place, Anywhere Near This Place, Like This Place, So This Must Be The Place."  He told a story of a man who put his home on the market.  He was tired of all this old house lacked.  But no matter what new house he looked at, it just didn't measure up.  One day he was looking through the paper and found an ad about a house on the market that had everything he desired.  He called up his realtor to set up an appointment to go look at this, his dream home.  The realtor listened as he talked about this house, the excitement in his voice, oh how this man hoped they would get there before someone else snatched it up.  After the man was through, he waited for the realtor to reply but there was silence.  Finally the realtor spoke and told the man that the house he wanted to go see he already lives in.  It was his own home.  He just needed to look at it from another perspective.  He already had everything he wanted, he just didn't know it.

My life
If you are in a place that you feel disenchanted with life or something in your life, maybe you just need a new perspective.  I am not saying that this always works but if we look at it from all angles, maybe we won't throw aways something that we truly love, we will be less likely to cause hurt to ourselves and to others.

We are surrounded by blessings straight from God.  I hope you can see yours today.


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