hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Visual Pick Me Up

One thing I hate to do and that is go to the doctor.  I would rather sit in pain than go.  But, today I went in and had my checkup.  AHHHHH.  Bo asked me if I felt better now that it was over and I said, "YES".

Sometimes we dread a thing so much that we cannot relax until it is over.  That's the way I felt this morning as I was getting ready to go and last night as I was getting ready for bed and every day leading up to my appointment.  Sounds like I am exaggerating, but I am not.  I was dreading it.  After I got there and had my exam, I was fine.  No earth shattering news, no one was mean to me, no one made me uncomfortable (mentally), I just don't like to take the time to go.  Now I am home and life is good.

I can now focus on what I need to do in other areas of my life and I don't have to focus on remembering my doctors appointment or convincing myself to go.

As a little visual pick me up, I looked at some of my photos of flowers today and even though they are only memories, it made me feel better.  So here are a few for you.  Enjoy!!!

I know, not a flower but its a reminder of good things to come

Another reminder

He's so busy…miss California

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