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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Magnificent Imagination

Yesterday Henry and I went outside for a bit of fresh air.  He loves to go outside and hates to come back in.  I realized how badly we need a fence for our grandson.  The boy is a runner.  He loves to be chased so even when you sound angry, he laughs even harder.  I had to chase him four times.  The fourth time, he was almost to the road and that is when Grammy picked him up and carried him into the house.  He screamed, "Let me down!  I want to run!  Not go inside.  Put me down!!"

This time he gave me a warning…
I'm gonna run...

I really do hate bringing him back in because even though I was chilled, I totally enjoy watching him play outside.  I love seeing the colors of spring and all the new buds on my trees.  Nature, well flowers really, are my favorite thing to photograph (besides my family).  I love the way the light hits the petals and the vibrant colors.  

I think I have said this before but God's imagination is magnificent.  You know I think this is why humans are so attracted to art.  We are made in the image of God and art is His specialty.  Colors, he made them all- paintings, He created the inspiration.  He created everything with His words that we try and recreate with our hands.  I stand amazed at the details.  How He made the order and the unity in which things grow.  How the snow in the winter effects the ground in the heat of the summer.  How the amount of sunlight dictates when Winter ends and Spring begins.  From the barren tree to the bud to the flower to the leaves…ALL HIM!!  On the first warm night, the peeps in our woods go crazy making babies.  They are so loud you can hear them with the windows closed but we do enjoy the music throughout the night.  Bo says the music of the peeps gives him hope that winter is on it's way out.  NEW LIFE!

So yesterday in between chasing my grandson up and down the hills around my house, I did get a little time to take some pics of some spring changes in my yard.  I hope you enjoy them. (I put a couple of Henry in here too)

We were suppose to play soccer but that
didn't last long.

He wanted me to take his picture sitting
on the wall

This was his big smile…he's crazy

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