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Friday, March 1, 2013

I love to laugh...

Don't you just love the laughter of your children/grandchildren?  I do.  I love to hear it even when they aren't suppose to be laughing.  It brings me joy and makes me laugh.  I was thinking about this subject last night while I was trying to go to sleep.

My children are all grown but I still love to hear them laugh.  Last night, my son brought home chicken for dinner.  I said something and he started laughing.  I cannot remember what was said but I do recall saying, "That was a great laugh Jake".  I do love his laugh.

When they are babies we cannot wait to hear them laugh.  We do everything in our power to make them cackle.  We make faces, sing songs, play with toys, make fools of ourselves just to make a baby laugh.  Henry's laugh is the best.  It makes the whole family roll.
He was laughing so hard, his eyes disappeared
Some of the best stories are told between crying laughter.  When my kids were in middle/high school they shared one bathroom.  Kelcie went to get her toothbrush one night to brush her teeth.  She couldn't find it anywhere.  Finally she looked in the trash can and there it was.  She thought it had just fallen in so she picked it up (yes, yuck).  She headed down the stairs to where Jake and Juliana were.  Kelcie walked over to Juliana, stuck the toothbrush in her face and said, SMELL IT!!!!  Juliana was appalled and told her she was gross.  About this time, Jake starts laughing and saying, Kelcie, I'm so sorry.  Well by this time, they are all laughing.  Jake continues, "you see I was using the bathroom and when I went to stand up, I knocked your toothbrush off the sink and it fell into the toilet…right into the poo.  I scooped it out with the toilet brush and threw it in the trash.  I am so sorry, I forgot to tell you."  Kelcie immediately threw the toothbrush away and washed her hands.  The next morning the three of them were trying to tell me the story but it took like 20 minutes because they were all laughing so hard that tears were coming down their beautiful faces.  I was cracking up and I didn't even know what had happened yet.

I love stories that make you laugh so hard you cry.  I do love to laugh.  It's like the song in Mary Poppins and it would be super cool if we could float on the ceiling when we laughed too hard.

This weekend, I hope you all find laughter and enjoy the laughter of those around you.  Laughter enhances our BLESSED LIFE!!!!

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