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hope sign

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fat With New LIfe

This morning has been a lazy morning.  I just now came downstairs and made myself a cup of coffee, still in my robe and socks, not a stitch of makeup and my hair, well lets just say I would fit in the with the 1980 potheads…not pretty.  I was in my warm bed reading.  The sun filled up my bedroom and I was enjoying the warmth of my covers and the smell of my hubby's pillow.

I can look out my bedroom window and see the buds on the trees just waiting for the right moment to open up.  I am reminded of the Frosty the Snowman movie, "Frosty Gets A Wife", when Jack Frost makes it so winter doesn't have to end.  The kids are so excited because Frosty and Krystal don't have to leave and they get to play and be together.  Then the Parson tells them that the thought of Spring never coming was sad.  That there is life just waiting to be born in all the flowers and trees.  I can see all the trees and flowers in my yard fat with new life just waiting to be born.

My wonderful husband walked in the kitchen door last night, as I was making dinner, holding a purple, wooden, picket fence basket that had a blooming hydrangea inside of it.  I smiled and said, "Ooo, who is it from…" He told me that it was from my boyfriend,  It brightened my evening and made Spring seem a little more real.  

Yes ladies, he's all mine.  I love every season with this man that God has given to me.  I am hoping that very soon it will feel like spring outside.  I love it when the air is full of the fragrant blooms and the earth is renewed.  God is so good.

So today I am going to enjoy my BLESSED LIFE, how about you?  Have a great weekend.

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