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hope sign

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Egg Day!!!

I am so excited.  Today, Henry, Scovia and I are painting Easter Eggs.  I know it is going to be messy  but I don't care.  I have always loved decorating Easter Eggs.  It makes it feel more like Easter.

When Henry got to the house the morning, he called out, "Dammy, where are you?"  I told him I was still upstairs.  He came up and jumped up and down and then climbed into the bed with me.  I got lovins and he got kisses.  I love love love being a Dammy/Grammy.  I know some might find this crazy but I hope my kids have lots and lots of babies.  My Juliana is such a good Mommy.  It makes me so proud to watch her with Henry.  Yes, my heart is full.

I hope you have a full day of anticipation, love and joy. I pray when you look around your world today, you see the blessings of the LORD.  Tomorrow I will post some pics of our Egg decorating party.

What special things do you do for Easter.  Go to family's house for dinner and an Egg hunt?  Does everyone come to your home?  Do you have any traditions?  I would love to hear about them.  I do hope you all attend your local church to worship the ONE who died and rose again for us.

Here are a couple of pics from Easters gone by.

Henry and Pop exploring Henry's basket

Henry and his Mama hunting eggs and Poppies
and Mom Dyke's

Look at all his loot…yes, filled with money

Lauren, Mom Mom, Papa & Kelcie…Easter long time ago

Our family…the last Easter we were ALL together

Kelcie and Drew at Mom Dyke's & Poppies

Kelcie, Mom Dyke, Juliana & Henry in the oven…Easter 2010

VanDyke children and some of the grandchildren

My husband administering the Eucharist Easter Sunday 2010
(I think this year is correct)

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