hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BWI…increasing my faith

This morning, I am sitting at BWI airport waiting to see if we got seats on a flight to Orlando.  We should be leaving by now but our flight was cancelled.  Praying that we can get on this flight to go see our Kelcie during her spring break.

I have to keep the faith and think good thoughts.  I know it can happen because the plane is sitting at the gate, I just know that it is waiting for Bo and I…happy thoughts.  So many little ones here waiting to go to Disney World.   I cannot wait to see my little girl but these babies are waiting to see Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses.  I don't know who is more anxious, probably the little ones.  I hope and pray we all get on this flight and arrive safely for our fun in the sun.

I have faith that I am going to be blessed with a flight today.  What are you having faith for today?

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