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Friday, February 8, 2013

What Is Your Focus…?

Henry growing too fast.  He can almost reach the
Sometimes I just do not know what to write about.  Everything is so controversial these days.  It makes my heart sick.  So I just turned off the TV and sat down to write a little on what brings me joy.  If I focus too much on the controversial things, I become depressed or angry.  I am aware that there are those in this world that do not agree with me and that is OK.  We were not all created to be carbon copies of each other.  That is a gift from our great Creator.

Speaking of gifts, gifts make me happy.  I like homemade gifts of strawberry jam that my sister in law has given me from time to time.  I like gifts made by my children when they were little with the imprint of their hands or feet. I love the excitement my husband has when he's about to give me a surprise that he just bought me.  Sometimes he cannot wait until the day for the surprise.  I do love that about him…lol.  I love to receive gifts and I love to give gifts.  I call my children gifts from God.  Henry is a gift from God for our whole family.

Yup, Henry found the tampons…lol
I got to visit with my little man at his house today.  He was so excited that Pop brought pizza (which he says like Little Caesars Pizza man) and that Uncle Jake, Aunt Scovia and Dammy/Grammy came for lunch.  He played with Aunt Scov, had her running up and down the stairs.  He showed us how he can jump in circles.  He loves dinosaurs and stomping.  He is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Grammy & Henry playing at his house today
Loving my family and friends makes me happy.  Spending time with my parents makes me happy.  Hanging out with my sisters makes me happy.  Snuggle time with my hubby makes me happy.  I could just keep going on and on but that might get a little boring so I will just say that concentrating on what makes me happy, helps me deal with the controversial things of this world.

I am choosing to be happy and content in this moment.  I love the life I have been given and I am thankful that I have such wonderful people to share it with.  Yes, I am BLESSED!

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