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Monday, February 11, 2013

I Fall Somewhere In The Middle...

I realized something very sad to me this morning.  As I was sitting down in front of my computer, I noticed that it wasn't very clear.  I could read everything but it was like it hurt my brain to concentrate that hard to read.  Yes, I had to put on my glasses for my headache to go away while I was reading.  AND, I think I need a stronger prescription.  As a rule, I don't need to use my glasses much.  When I was at the computer everyday at the office, I would use them because numbers would start running together but I haven't used them much lately.  The other day I did notice that during church while trying to read my iPad (I use the Bible app on it and the songs for leading worship) I had to put on my glasses.

Things sneak up on us some times.  I am 41 now and I still feel like I should be the youngest in the room.  Until my niece, Emily became an adult (thanks Emily Lauren Smith), in the VanDyke family, I was always the youngest adult in the family.  I was the youngest in the Leadership at the church or the youngest Mommy in the class.  Not anymore!  I am still not the oldest but it is strange to be inching my way up there to the oldest position.

I remember when Juliana was in Kindergarten, for mothers day she did a card for me.  One of the facts she had to write about me was, My Mommy is _______ years old.  Well Juliana put 40!!!  I was not 40!  I was the youngest Mommy in the class and she put me as the oldest.  Her friends all put 18, 25, 21 but not Juliana, 40!  I was actually 25.  I asked her why she put me so old and she said that she liked 40 and she thought I was 40.  She was too funny.  I always loved those kind of gifts from my children.  Jake in Kindergarten said he likes his mommy cause she is a good cooker…lol.  I have kept most of my little treasures from all my kids.

Now I am a grandmother, not the oldest but definitely not the youngest.  I fall somewhere in the middle. But in my family, I am the perfect age.  Whether I wear glasses or not and no matter my age, I am just so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful family and have such a BLESSED LIFE.

"C'mon Stov & Uncle Jake.  Let's play ball"

"Where's my Fire truck, Dammy?"

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