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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The other day I was looking for picture hangers when I came across a stack of pictures dating 1989-1992.  Most of the pictures were from our first apartment at our first Christmas and when Jake was born.  There were some of my baby shower and a couple of Juliana's first birthday party (I was pregnant with Kelcie at the time).  When I came across this stack of pictures, I of course stopped looking for picture hangers and sat on my family room floor to look at every single one of them.

My side by side cabinet where I found the pictures

Our first apartment was very tiny.  It was a one bedroom, one bath, kitchen and living room with space in the kitchen for a washer & dryer.  We had to make a decision whether to put a bed in the bedroom or dressers.  We bought a sofa bed and slept on it every night and put the dressers in the bedroom.

Our first Christmas tree in our first apartment

The hot July day that we moved in, I sat in the tub with cold water running on my feet so I could scrub the green tub which turned out to be blue.  I learned a lot in that tiny apartment.  I learned how to cook, how to can green beans in the soaring heat with no air conditioning, how to be married and many other important things.

Us before we were married

That second floor apartment holds many great memories for Bo & I.  It was the only place we lived without children.  The week Jake was born, we were moving into a small two bedroom house.  Our rent was $250 a month and our first phone bill was $25 (those days are long gone).

My baby shower, pregnant with Jake
It is fun to look back at how life has changed but one thing hasn't, we are still in it together.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Some may ask why I take so many pictures and this is why.  It is a place to go when you need to remind yourself of where you have been.  Pictures tell a story.  The second to last picture is of Bo's Aunt and Grandmother.  His Granny is no longer with us.  But she was there that day.  When we see the pictures of Granny, it brings back so many memories that are then shared with our children and our grandchildren.  So I will continue to document our lives in pictures for future generations to enjoy.  This is how I will share our Blessed Life.

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