hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pictures that Make Me Smile

Jacob just up from his nap…his hair

This child is beautiful…makes me laugh

My sleeping Juliana…holding her belly…perfection

This is just dang cool

Jacob is not happy…nope, not at ALL!!!

Presley is loving the ice cream but its a tad cold

Too funny

Too cool!!!
Today instead of giving you my "pearls" of wisdom (ha ha), I am going to share some photos that make me smile.  We need to stop and look at the blessings we have.  It's kind of like a stop and smell the roses kind of day.  I hope you enjoy these precious babies and moments in my life.

My sleeping Henry…so sweet

I love this pic of Presley…Just makes me smile every time

Mom relaxing at Hatteras…ahhhh

Yes, I love the color in this pic and it just beacons me to the beach

So sweet

This is my Jacob…all American Boy…Perfection

This makes me laugh…Mr. Magoo

In Hatteras…love this 

Best buds, Uncle Jake and Henry

My Kelcie…I love the sky here, the perspective and everything

This is a Lotion Line…lol

I took this of Juliana and Henry from across the bonfire
I love the colors and movement…it's cool

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