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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating Love Is Always A Good Idea

Flowers from Bo
I have been doing a lot of reading this morning about how people have a strong dislike for Valentine's Day.  Even the ones who have a love are writing things like, "I don't need a day to dictate to me when I should show someone that I love them." or "this is a holiday created by the card industry to suck us all in and make us feel pressure to shower our loves with gifts of candy, cards and flowers.".   Well to all the Valentine's Day haters I have this to say, celebrating love is always a good idea.  I like that we have a day dedicated to love.  Of course you are to show your love everyday but isn't it great that we have a specific day that focuses on LOVE.  Your Valentine does not have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.  Your Valentine can be your child, grandchild, best friend…it's just about love.

Cake from Bo
The loves of my life are my family.  Bo, Jake, Scovia, Juliana, Aaron, Kelcie & Henry are all my Valentine's.  I am full of love for these people.  You cannot love too much.  They own me…FACT!!!  I will never stop loving them.  Love is a great thing.  It is a living, breathing thing.  It is the driving force behind most of what we do.  Love compels us to give, to have compassion, to work, to sacrifice, to compromise…Love, love love!!!

Henry asked me yesterday for some cake.  I said, "how about we make cupcakes?"  Well he was super happy about that.  This is the first time he licked the beater.  We had a great time and then he gave his Mommy and Step Daddy his cupcakes and homemade cards.  He just lit up giving to people he loves…That is what Valentine's Day is.

You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving…Bishop Ronald D. Estep

He said, "I'm gonna yick (lick) it"

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